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Music is sacred to me. It was my first conscious window into the vastness and permanence of what we really are.

It is my clear aim to continue to create music that has the ability to reach far into the depths of our consciousness and open doors to the remembrance of our eternal nature – inevitably leading us to discover and realize more of our limitless potential in our everyday existence in this universe.

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This is just the beginning... and there is no end.

With gratitude,
Carlos Carty

Native Relax – Beautiful Music designed to Help you enhance your Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Focus & Inspiration.

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Branson West, Missouri
Exotic multi-cultural soundscapes with world instruments designed to help you enhance your Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Focus & Inspiration. Peruvian composer Carlos Carty, completely engulfs and mezmorizes his audiences with the deep breathy sounds of Panpipes and other Ethnic instruments that evoke, without words, images of the mystic lands they come from.


Ronda Mullins
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Ronda Mullins I sincerely hope that everyone loves this as much as I do. I think it so awesome and I am looking forward to purchasing more songs. Can't go wrong with a subscription like this. I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys relaxing and positive music. Absolutely the best,Carlos!!!!

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